• "Robert was great to work with. He was quick to give insight and insider tips and his passion for street photography shined brightly in his teaching." - Jillian, Dallas Photography Workshop
  • "Robert – you were not only articulate, but a joy!! It’s hard to make something like photography “visible” on radio – but you did!" -Melissa Eagan, Producer, The Leonard Lopate Show
  • “I've attended many lectures at B & H and Robert's was one of the best. The work was so interesting and it was inspiring to see what could be done with an iPhone and to learn of Robert's photographic journey. I really did think it was a fantastic presentation!” - Debra Wells, Professional Photographer
  • “Robert Herman delivered a wonderful lecture, attracted an enthusiastic crowd and left a lasting impression on our photo community!” - Amy Holmes George, Executive Director Texas Photographic Society
  • “Robert taught me a whole new way to view street photography. He taught me how to tell a story rather than just take pictures. I think the pictures I make now are much more personal than they were before. The time I spent in the workshop with Robert was informative and frustrating at times but I would do the whole thing again.Neil Resnik, from the Dallas Photography Workshop

  • Greatly enjoyed Robert Herman’s Photo Walk at this year’s Photo Plus Expo. Enjoying THE PHONE BOOK.” – Peter Mendelson
  • “Robert Herman’s Authentic Street Photography with Your iPhone Workshop not only did Robert expertly teach his photo taking and editing techniques, he also shared his vision on how to find your own “inner” photographer. His advice motivated me to try new ways to practice my iPhone travel photography. An informative and enlightening workshop!” – Jeanne N. Devine, Devine Designer Travel
  • “Robert Herman’s photo walk was terrific. Like a free therapy session! It offered a new way to view the world + is helping me to discard old images.” – Bill, NYC Architectural Photographer